About Us

Most home owners find the whole process of home ownership to be overwhelming and an experience that was worth the added stress. We purchase our homes for the better quality of life that our families deserve and we take immense pride in that ownership. This is our little piece of the world, a sanctuary and a place to call home at the end of the day. Aiassa appreciates that your home is where the dreams begin and the memories last.

Beginning to think about an addition or remodel is a daunting task that is full of concerns that need to be answered correctly. These are some of the question that might sound familiar; can we do it? How much will my ideas cost? Where are all the qualified candidates for this project? Can I trust this contractor? Is this a fair estimate for construction? How do I write a contract that covers everything? How can we best represent our interests and concerns to the construction community?

Current studies show that a significant number of residential construction projects fail, and that the contributing factor to these failures, is a lack of Construction Project Management. Many home owners will attempt to do the project themselves or at least manage the construction process. This is where most projects become inflated and costly to finish or simply drag on forever. These studies also show that the home owners who have tried these approaches on their projects were well educated and successful people that just got over their heads.

Aiassa offer home owners a critical break down of everything you could expect from the inception to the completion of your dream project. We offer complete design, permitting of your project, various contract delivery methods, well organized planning, and scheduling, detailed contract award proposals and recommendations drawn from a pool of qualified contractors and sub-trades. Our Management Team will then navigate your construction process thru to a successful completion.

Our Management Team acts as an agent for their clients interests by providing a well managed approach that keeps you the owner in control, up to date and well informed on the progress of your project. Our efforts enable your project to be productive and efficient from its inception to its completion. We create and manage the schedule no matter how complex the job may be, we create daily reports for accurate quality assurance and control of the construction process.

Let Our experience and education bring a smooth and successful completion to your construction project and Make Your Dreams Become Wonderful Memories.

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